The Ecology, Conservation, and Environment Center (ECEC)

In 2008, the Kunming Institute of Zoology and the University of East Anglia signed a memorandum of understanding to establish jointly the Ecology, Environment, and Conservation Center (ECEC).  Douglas Yu is its first director, and has been seconded from the University of East Anglia.  The center began operations in March 2009.  

The objectives of the ECEC are to:  

1) Conduct international-quality research in ecology and conservation biology.
2) Train Chinese and foreign scientists at the PhD and postdoctoral levels and recruit more Principal Investigators to joint the ECEC.
3) Promote and coordinate international scientific collaborations and attract international funding.
4) Provide information necessary for environmental policy-making.
5) Lead the development of ecology and conservation science in Southeast Asia.  

There are many possibilities for collaboration at the KIZ: